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01-06-2013, 05:39 PM
-You can use a trigger on the beginning of the map to spawn invisible wall all over the room. The captain will be stuck in geometry, and send to the nearest respawn point, conveniently set few meters away, behind a door. The away team will be stuck behind. Just make sure the room is covered, and try it. You do'nt want the player being stuck on the other side of the invisible walls.
-You can make a path where you need to jump to go forward. If it's well done, the away team will not be able to reach the player, and will stay behind.

2. several questions in one.
-I think you can trap some ennemies in another room, so only one spawn where the player is. However, don't use them as objective (IE kill X enemy) or the player will be stuck. I never done that to be honest, but I suppose it work.
-About the weapon, you can change the costume of any group. IE use a klingon group, and add a federation costume. Rename them in "fed guys", and you have fed soldiers using klingon weapons. The costume is what the player see, the asset you use is the type of encounter, and what they use. You just need to know which species use the weapon you want. Also, use devidians or remans for psi powers. Devidians will also "float".
-You can make enemy spawn after a dialog with several trigger. The easiest is simply to add a dialog in the story, then make a kill X objective. Then select the mobs group, use "when this objective is in progress" to make them visible, in "states", and they will spawn once the dialog end.
More difficult, but you can also use a dialog in the story, and ask the player to clic on something (console whatever). Then trigger a spawn when the item is used by the player. This is mostly used when you don't want the mob count as objective, for some reason.

I strongly suggest to check on the wiki for a basic tutorial of the foundry, and check for more tips/tutorial.
Also, try by yourself, you'll have some headaches, but you'll learn a lot.