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Originally Posted by romuzarii View Post
Didn't you know? STO isn't allowed to progress unless EVERYONE has access to said progression. Permitting nice things to people who work for it isn't fair to others, and would break PVP. So your tier 5 starbase and tier 3 embassy ain't going to be **** like you're hoping for; it's going to be sub par upgrades over what you already have. This is so PVP stays fair!

And if you're thinking well maybe it'll make PVE easier, just one minute there, buddyyyyyy! This is STO. It's not fair for players to progress their characters thereby making end game content easier. What is this? A MMORPG? End game content should always be hard no matter what, so all that work you do shouldn't make things easier. You should stay gimpy forever, and just keep dishing out money from your wallet for the next ship that's released. Status quo, forever! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

So, to answer your question of to the purpose of starbase: To waste your ****ing time so they can milk you dry!
Why would people invest so much to get to tier 5 if the Elite weapons are going to be sub-par? For an avg sized fleet of 50 contributers they will be paying the equilivent of $100 million EC per weapon(including all costs of starbase construction: dilthium, doffs, consumables, fleet marks missions where they could be earning other stuff, etc etc etc) - they could get purple MX12 Phaser or Disruptor Accx3 for $60 million - so they have to be way better than that.

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