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Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
Here's the problem w/that. The resists perform too well @ 99 skill points since it's balanced around 99 skill points. Not matter how many points are put into Flow Caps for example the returns are such the resists skill points needed are much less.
I think they most likely balanced it around what endgame NPCs can do.

Originally Posted by p2wsucks View Post
This brings up another issue, Sci Skills and their counters have bad Tier assignments. Flow Caps, it a T1 skill and it boosts weapon procs as well a great number of skills. Power insulaters is a T2 and it resists nearly all skills. It's too easy to spec into either of those given the power of them.
I think what some see as an issue, the Devs most likely specifically did on purpose to ensure that most players had easy access to broad categories of useful powers that buff several useful (and in some cases universal, such as with Starship Weapons Training) abilities/functions.

This gives an average baseline for performance, and its not until the upper tier skills that you spend heavier for specialization.

I don't think the system is perfect, and I don't understand why some skills are so expensive in comparison to others (Why is PI T2 when ID is T4? Why is Flow Caps T1, but Graviton is T3?) but I'm guessing that's the reason skills like Flow Caps, Shield Emitters, Weapons Training, etc were placed towards T1.

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