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01-06-2013, 07:14 PM
Then why haven't they added a single PvP map in 3 years? Why haven't they fixed Ker'rat?

It's quite simple. PvP maps are some of the most complicated code in the game. This was said, point blank, by a Cryptic employee visiting Panda Vent.

Think about it. There are respawns, coding that allows players to actually shoot each other without shooting their own team. Scoreboards. Matchmaking... it goes on and on.

It also serves this conversation to mention that the Developers that designed STO's PvP system are no longer around. I'm fully convinced nobody currently employed by Cryptic has enough understanding of the original coding to put it to any good use.

What I said to you guys in my last post is almost exactly what we were told when we asked the same questions.

The things that make it difficult for them to program also make it impossible for them to implement PvP scenarios in the Foundry Editor.

I'm not trying to burst your bubbles, I'm simply sharing the same answer with you guys that we were given.