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Well If I won the Lottery and had 100 mil I would build the Enterprise here on Earth and make it into a hotel where people could come and visit live out thier Star trek dreams and use all the proceeds to fund NASA. Neil Degrasse said that if NASA funding would have been increased by 1/4 of a penny in federal tax funding 10 years ago we would already be on mars. I know there was a Star Trek hotel in Vegas but it was not the Ship on the outside. Imagine having the Actual ship inside and out here on earth as a place to inspire Generations to come. People from all over the planet would come to walk the decks of the Enterprise. Build it here 1st. No need to have it Space worthy. Just have it look and feel like the real thing and you could make a difference in the worlds intrest in space exploration.
I kind of think an Enterprise-shaped hotel would be seen as a fad. The point of building a ship in space is that it will amaze and inspire people - "We can actually do that with today's technology? What else have we been missing?"

Plus, this ship would provide a massive boost to the space industry. It would establish permanent bases on Mars and the moon, explore the oceans of Europa by launching hydrobots, and even help divert asteroids that could threaten Earth. And it would also spur more private space agencies and create tourism.

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