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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
So... how is someone not checking all the information available and not knowing the ship was character bind on pick-up (which is says btw on the box at the ferengi vendor) Cryptic's fault?

The only one at fault is the guy looking back in the mirror, not Cryptic. They specifically stated many times the ship was character bound. The item says "Bind on Pickup" in the store. Guess what! That's in game! Your entire argument is null and moot.
cause for a while, it said that it was tradeable "ingame".. i personally dont care, i dont even want the breen cruiser. and to be honest i almost didnt comment in this thread and wished i hadnt.. but i was sticking up for the op.. cause for some strange reason, you think that everyone who plays the game should log into the website every single day, read every post, and spend 3/4's of the time outside of the game rather than in...

i guess the glass is half full.. your obviously never gonna see it our way, and we will most certainly never see it yours.. so its not even worth arguing and possible getting slapped by a moderator..

i myself check the website a few times a week, i enjoy watching people "go at it" on the forums and ocassionally i get stuck in the muck too.. but i can see his point.. if something says something "in game" and it is wrong, that is not his fault, that would be cryptics.. ingame is the be all end all, no matter what things say on the forums or the website, everything in game should be worded the way it was meant to be..

the issue here, was that they just copied and pasted the box all the other ships come in, and all the other ships are tradeable.. so it stated that "in game". i know cause i saw this.. weather it says it now or not is mute.. so i can see the op's frustration.. do i think cryptic should give him something no. do i think he was on here looking for something.. no.. was he on here venting and making sure that others dont make the same mistake.. yes... and you guys washed over him and mentally beat up him over nothing.. it is not for you or anyone else to decide weather players should or should not read the website, or the forums, or a podcast, or anything else.. cryptic provides a game for us, we pay them to play it.. it is not our job to then go out of our way to accomodate them, but rather the other way around.. yes, the website, forums, and various podcasts a great tool, but ingame is the first stop on the gaming jurney for sto..