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01-06-2013, 09:41 PM
*In warp flight, he removes his mask and wipes his brow... He keeps his face hidden and then puts the mask back on. He then transmits to a private channel locked down. Gial shows up on the screen.*

Man: *Voice synthetic and modified.* I have an image and data that was needed.

Gial: Good. Are you enroute to the next destination?

Man: Yes I am. What can you tell me about this man? *shows the image*

Gial: I do know who that is but not going to explain til you finish.

Man: Very well.

Gial: You have not killed anyone have you?

Man: No. Nor do I plan to. There is no need to and not right.

Gial: We have the information. When you arrive at the designated point the transport you have will be destroyed.

Man: Very well.

*A hour later he arrives at the point and takes another transport on an asteroid as he floats away he watches the shuttle explode. When he boards he warps to the next point.*