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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
The main one would be the Borg shield drain.

I brought up Starship Weapons Systems because it also shows up at T1 (in the Tac Skill tree) and buffs every single weapon type, all energy and all kinetic weapons.

It is a broad application, high value and low investment cost skill.

It was a comparison, and a postulation on how the devs arranged the skill tree putting widely useful skills (like flow caps) at T1 or 2 and more specialized and (in their estimation) powerful skills at T4/5

Yes that's why I think they put it at T1. Because it is a broad application power that allows for low investment cost for high value - this is my theory on how the skill tree was designed.

I think I see the value in a skill tree that allows the broadest swath of the player base to make low cost investment for high value - it effectively sets a baseline.

In fact, not only are they low cost and high value, they are also almost mandatory (the low Tier skills) - you almost need to go out of your way to skip certain skills at T1 to unlock higher Tiers.

They can guarantee all players at least have some level of baseline investment into certain skill types.

The current skill tree was very specifically designed to minimize min/maxing benefits and add value to broadly investing skill ranks.

I agree that PI shouldn't instantly neuter all Sci boff powers, while also inexplicably being not as effective vs. pets and drain consoles.

I agree that many Sci powers are in desperate need of improvement in both PvE and PvP.

As far as making flow caps a higher tier power, I think that is beyond the realm of what will realistically happen in this game in any timeframe that could be considered "soon".
The Borg shield drain isn't a Boff based power, it's a custom power. It also has a hard counter. Further, perceptivably resist effect from PI isn't noticable vs that thing if they work at all.

The Weapon T1 skill isn't apples to apples to Flow Caps. There are additional skills to invest in to improve weapons' damages. There isn't in the case of Flow Caps. That's w/the exception of some Boff powers' secondary effects no one really cares about. Further, Flow Caps actually improves weapons' type procs and other procs.