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01-06-2013, 10:34 PM
Yet, that is the explanation we were given.

They probably could reverse-engineer it to figure out how it all works, but as you say, the investment in time and resources isn't worth it. Especially knowing that the Cryptic Engine guys have already developed a new system for PvP to use in Neverwinter. Why would they expend the effort at this late stage to do so?

I'm not saying we're never getting new maps. I'm just saying we're not going to get them until the still-anonymous PvP devs for STO finish porting in the new tech. At which time, we should not only see new maps, but new game modes.

Now, we, as players, can suggest game types and modes that we would find enjoyable. This is actually a very good time to be doing that since they are actually working on such things (or so DStahl would have us believe).
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