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Originally Posted by nightmarechi1d View Post
That might be acceptable if and only if you can't fire while it's on. If enemy weapons can't hit you because you're out of phase, your weapons would be out of phase with them as well. That would make it too similar to the Ablative Armor though.

And I don't like Federation having a cloak. It just wouldn't make sense the way the game is to have every Federation ship with a cloaking device. The Romulans would have to be the stupidest species in the galaxy to give away the one and only advantage they have left. I could maybe possibly see the Romulans doing it IF you help them a lot more than Tier 5. And for example I mean like a Tier 10 project requiring 10 mil rep and 250k+ Dil. That would take so long to get to and so few people would actually spend that much time and money to get it that it would still be very very rare.
Or Cryptic could just add a "cloaking console" to the next LOCK-BOX!!!