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# 7 Duty Officers
01-06-2013, 10:25 PM
There are four locations where you find duty officer assignments. So far, your videos show you using only one. Three of these locations can be found by opening the duty officer window. After opening the window, look for the row of tabs running across the top. The important tabs for finding DOFF assignments are labeled "Assignments" and "Department Heads".

a) When you click on assignments, a row of tabs appears on the left side of the window. The first is labeled "Current Map", and this is the list of assignments you've been pulling from.

b) Right below the "Current Map" tab is another labeled "Personal". This tab gives another group ofdifferent assignments, which can have special rewards. You can generally find several that, for a critical sucess, give a boost to one of your abilities for a limited time.

Other types of assignments that can be there. Right now, I have one to "evaluate" a new bridge officer. When it completes I get that officer.

c) I mentioned above that the "Department Heads" tab also has missions. When you click on that tab, your window will show the seven departments youir crew is divided into. By each you will find button labeled "Assignments". This is where the majority of your available assignments can be found. There are missions here for pretty much anything, from infiltrating the Orion Syndicate to building a new shield generator, although trade missions are never found here.

d) Speaking of trade missions, I just picked up a couple from a Ferengi NPC on DS-9. The fourth 'location' I mentioned is the NPCs on various bases who give missions. Also, if you go inside your ship, you find NPCs with missions. My bartender has a good one called "Drown Troubles with Saurian Brandy". It takes 3 bottles of to do it, but then I have a lot of troubles.

Other points:

*Saurian Brandy is purchased from a bar, such as Quarks or Club 47. Many assignments require you to supply materials, which you generally have to buy. Most can be bought from the replicator, but you'll pay more that way. Buying from vendors is cheaper, and some charge less than others. For instance, a woman in a cave on Andoria sells cheap provisions and communication systems. A man at the foot of Vulcan's grand staircase sells cheap medical supplies and industial energy cells. A woman on Risa sells Entertainment Provisions, and near her there's a shack with a man selling (I think) Seismic Stabilizers. It pays to shop around.

You don't have to keep these materials in your inventory. Put them in your bank, and the needed material is automatically withdrawn when you start an assignment.

This also applies to particles picked up from anomalies. Your "Secret Orders" video shows your inventory is full of them, but you don't have to carry them around. Put them in the bank, and you'll never need to draw them out. I used to move them to my inventory for crafting, then back to the bank when I was finished. This wasted a lot of time. Eventually I learned the needed items are pulled directly from the bank.

As an aside: you can't access your bank during a mission, but you can access the account bank. This is done via a closet in your ready room. If you're using the Constitution interior, I believe you can access it from the conference room. The account bank can also be accessed by visiting your shuttle's interior.

*The available assignments change when you move from one map to another. This includes something as simple as beaming from ESD to you ship.

*When you plan an assignment, three possible candidates are displayed. You don't have to choose from just those three. At the bottom of the duty officer window is a button labeled "Display Entire Reserve Roster". Click on that, and you can see all officers who qualify to fill the position.

Some assigments require DOFFs with two or more differing qualifications. The first slot may be for an officer who has Resolve as a trait, while the second is for someone from the Operations department. If so, the reserve roster will change for each position.

*You can buy duty officers on the exchange for EC. However, the exchange doesn't make distinctions between Federation and Klingon officers. You can buy, but not use, an officer from the other faction. This can be an expensive error, as I've learned. To avoid mistakes, just look at the DOFF's image - behind the person's head you will see either a Federation or a Klingon logo.