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01-06-2013, 11:32 PM
Originally Posted by tenkari View Post
all the links from the first post are from Bridge commander modded or not cryptic cannot use private designs unless through contests or CBS says they like the design and allow it.
I am aware of that, and as a result I did not plan for those links to be used as a direct copy, more as inspiration in which Cryptic can look at alternative nacelle designs, deflector designs and hull configuration which has a 25th century look to them, rather than the bulky and ugly designs for many of the other vessels.

All of the alt-configuration designs don't have to look almost exactly like the canon ship they are based on. The exploration cruiser and assault cruiser is a perfect example in which the galaxy and emissary ship's alternative config classes look almost exactly the same. Different configurations and looks that show 25th century design in them would look much better than the current designs for many of the alternative ships.