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01-07-2013, 01:02 AM
Originally Posted by atreidesscion View Post
Fleetmate of mine is swapping out his [borg] weaponry on his Fleet Tor'kaht for some Fleet Weaponry: 3x Disruptor DHCs and 1x Quantum Torps.

Question is in the thread title: better to go [ACC] or [CrtD] on those Dirsuptor DHCs?

Yes, [ACC] can add into crit chance and severity when you exceed targets' defense value, but: with just one [ACC] modifier, is that enough to get a magnitude of crit bonus that would make it more desirable than [CrtD] versus a typical STF PvE target?

I was leaning towards [ACC], but am honestly just speculating. Anyone have a more informed opinion on this?

Extra ACC only adds to severity. I'm not sure where the extra crit chance thing comes from, but I hear it repeated all the time,

In PvP, definitely ACC. In PvE, the only time you won't have 100% to hit (assuming you have the proper captain traits and skills) is against fighters and torpedoes. You'll actually get more out of CrtD or CrtH against most ships, I prefer CrtD on tactical, and CrtH on Sci/Eng.

Regardless of what you choose, the actual damage variance is extremely small. So it doesn't really matter.