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Originally Posted by apollid View Post
Sorry for using this thread but the system dont let me create a new one cause iam too new player.

So, iam captain in the game and soon i wiil reach the 40th rank. I think i will get a "ffree ship coupon" or what the hell when i become 40th admiral.

But my question is: Will I get a free ship purchase possibility when i reach the 50th rank, or will I get my last free ship at rank 40? and after that i can buy ships only for zen?

thanx the help in advance!
You'll get your free ship tokens at the following ranks:

Fed: Lt. Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral (Lower Half)

KDF: Commander, Captain, Brigadier General

So, to answer your original question, no, you do NOT get a free ship at 50. After 40, you can buy ships via either dil (the ships from previous ranks that you didn't choose with your free token can be purchased for refined dilithium), ZEN, or through your fleet (the fleet modules will have to be purchased with ZEN but you'll need fleet credit as well).
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