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01-07-2013, 01:20 AM
Free Patrol Escort (RA ship) is pretty good. Yeah, it is not "teh so uber, whatever, 5 console ship", but it is pretty good. It still outclasses everything the red side has (poor Klinks) outside of cross-faction C-Store/Lockbox ships. It's worse then some Fleet escorts (I would say - worse then Fleet Patrol Escort) but frankly, in my opinion it's not that much worse to justify the expense of Fleet version.

Just get the free shippy if you still have the token for it and you will be fine. The difference between Fleet and regular version is like belowe 10% of shield power, 3000 hull (one salvo from DHC, so not that much) and universal ensign that you would most likely still use as eng one. And that one engineering console.

In my opinion getting Fleet Patrol it is waste of money and time if you can have just as good ship for free. Those few perks may mean something if you are really high on the food chain of PvPers when every little advantage is difference between kill or die. But unless you are there - it's just fancy look and the pride of having Fleet ship.

BTw - Defiant-R is pretty tanky in it's own way. It's tankiness goes from it's damage. It kill you, before you can kill it