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01-07-2013, 01:28 AM
I vote against this idea. Feds already got the KDF sets for "balance" purposes, and i think it's a huge mistake, it removed a good reason to play KDF (better ground equipment). I don't want to see this faction killed even more. If the devs don't offer a different experience to other factions then there's no point to create alts.

I started to play my main KDF char to try new stuff, new sets, new ships - because that faction was unique. Furthermore, feds already have the best tac and science ships! I know it because i'm flyig a vesta, and I have friends flying armittages and fleet defiants. KDF ships clearly have inferior stats because they have a little cloaking device.

If such a console was offered, giving it would require:
- a major overhaul/upgrade of kdf ships
- to have severe counterparts to this console: cloaking device but -15% shield cap and hull or something like that.

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