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01-07-2013, 02:14 AM
I'm against the idea but for all the wrong reasons. Frankly i'm in the camp of This is the future, and the cloak should reflect that. The preferred course of action would be that since we're at "war" with the Klingons or Tech sharing buddies (based on missions or possible ship designs) cloak should:


(Fed) SHOULD get cloak but it should be limited to one ship per class. Only one escort, one cruiser, one shuttle, and one science vessel should be able to equip them, Carriers not so much.

(Klink) if it has a bathroom, the Klingons would put a cloak on it

(Rom) same as above in case the Klingons are peeping

Advanced options:

(Fed) Intangibility. can pass through objects like ships and mines when cloak, but still takes damage "due to subatomic distortions" caused by normal anticloak shinies (just to keep it fair)

(Klinks) Cloaking field beacon. An AOE cloak effect which you drop like a turret but would cover other ships, shuttles, mines, allowing them to fire and be shielded since they're not powering the cloak. Maybe give it a 5km range?

(Rom) Perfect Cloak. the benefit here could be something like reduced energy weapons fire but greater damaged received while cloaked (again to keep it fair)


1) all cloak would be battle cloak, otherwise it's kind of useless in a fight. Face it, it's canon, it turns on when i push a button, but in battle to do so it at your own risk.
If anything add a slightly bigger damage buff while adding a equal damage received to emphasize that.

2) basic klingon cloak is Current advanced cloak. Limit it to only non energy weapons to keep it from being OP, but anticloak measures are still as effective. Add similar buff/debuff here as well just to make it more risk with more reward

3) if the species has cloak (breen ship) make it so the ship doesn't come with the cloak but they can use one aqquired elsewhere in game

4) Again, it's decades since the last show or film, so the technology should reflect this. If our treaties are broken or our enemies allies against a greater threat, then let it reflect that. I say "If you make it, make it fair but make it fun."

Lame i know but still there's a lot of fun possibilities here and frankly the only way to kill the topic is to give in, but do so in a way that gives all sides something unique and fun.