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01-07-2013, 02:28 AM
Hey Guys!

First off all, let me thank you for your answers, and feedback
As I said, now I work on the jokes mostly myself, but if you have any good idea, you can create content too! Just make it, send it to me, and I'll post it on the blog as soon as I have time. If you don't want to work with the jokes, that's fine, just send me your idea, and I'll make the rest of the job (if I can... I'm not a very skilled photoshop user yet). In-game pictures will be good as well, I'll need more of them anyways).
I'm kind of busy in the upcoming couple day because of some exams (yeah, I know it was lame of me to start the site in the exam season ), but I will do what I can to make more content!


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