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01-07-2013, 03:56 AM
I have said it a million time I will say it a million more times.

You simply cannot out do the borg set. It's like the end all be all of sets. In this game if you do not have to worry about healing as often and genning then you can concentrate on dps and support. Staying alive is the name of the game and the borg set does it the best. The original XI version is good but I want to step up and get the XII version (If only they sold marks in the c store my life would be endlessly easier.) And it flickers like crazy (The skill kicks in) I am always glowing with a green FF and taking no damage to my hull or shield regening. The only problem now is when to kick in my boff skills lol it's a good problem ti have.

Both sets just fit so snugly in my build it's just ridiculous and then with the cutting beam, my god 360 degree firing and works in tandem with skills you should already have maxed and the free tractor beam (Wish cool down wasn't so god awfully long, which i use all the time on big prey that have good survivability nothing sucks more then using this thing for the extra dps only for the enemy to die a second later.) you free your boff skills up to get something more useful.

This set used to be the belle of the ball before they ripped out one of the consoles and put it in her more aggressive twin sister. I guess you can assume one is a a cyber demon and the other techno angel but together they make me do nothing but smile.