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01-07-2013, 05:35 AM
Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
Two things.

First off, the Varanus is the beauty queen of the Gorn fleet; if anything, THAT should be the good one. Why make us fly the ugly ones to have good stats?
Who are you or me to decide which ship is pretty or ugly and thus "deserves" good stats?

Besides I don't think the setup is bad anyway.

Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
Second, there are plenty of ships on both sides with totally different boff layouts on their fleet versions (hell, look at the Fleet Vor'Cha; that thing is a totally different beast than its non-fleet counterpart). Why not the Varanus?
If by "plenty" you mean three (the Fleet Patrol, Fleet Negh'var and Fleet Vor'cha)...this seems to be mostly intended to avoid redundancies.
The Fleet K't'inga already has the same BO layout as the T5 Vor'cha so there would have been no point in a Fleet Vor'cha with the same layout.

Originally Posted by aethon3050 View Post
If you want a good KDF science ship, you're still stuck using a lockbox ship; this is just wrong, and really needs to be addressed.
I agree they need to do something about it, which is why I made a thread about Klingon scouts and I think there's still a good chance the other two Gorn ships will get different stats on their fleet versions.
That you don't like their looks...I'm afraid that can't be helped.