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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Who are you or me to decide which ship is pretty or ugly and thus "deserves" good stats?

Besides I don't think the setup is bad anyway.

If by "plenty" you mean three (the Fleet Patrol, Fleet Negh'var and Fleet Vor'cha)...this seems to be mostly intended to avoid redundancies.
The Fleet K't'inga already has the same BO layout as the T5 Vor'cha so there would have been no point in a Fleet Vor'cha with the same layout.

I agree they need to do something about it, which is why I made a thread about Klingon scouts and I think there's still a good chance the other two Gorn ships will get different stats on their fleet versions.
That you don't like their looks...I'm afraid that can't be helped.

While looks are subjective to personal opinion, I've yet to hear anyone say they preferred the look of the Phalanx or Draguas to the Varanus; I'm not saying this person isn't out there, but they certainly seem to be the minority; thus why I said what I said.

I'm mainly talking about science ships here, so take a look at all the different NICE layouts on the Fed science ships. You have one with four tactical consoles and 3 tac powers, and you have another with three tactical consoles and a Lt. Com tactical. Considering how important damage output is in this game, this effectively makes both of those well as the lockbox ships...far more useful in most situations than the Fleet Varanus.

What I'm asking for is a ship that is generally useful, not a niche ship that only performs well when you build it one specific way.

I like your scout ships idea, btw; I'd definitely love to see that happen at some point.