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01-07-2013, 06:00 AM
I played STO when it was first released but it was so utterly dismal back then that I quit until it went free2play / pay2win and now came back to give it a try.

I created a new character and am now VA since about a week and I'm sorry to say but I doubt I'll be here very much longer. The problem is that this game has little to no activities that feel even remotely "rewarding". I can grind the same 4-5 boring STFs until my fingers begin to rot (or I gouge my eyes out from boredom, whichever comes sooner) and then I don't even get anything except the right to grind some more.

What I also find simply terrible are the 20h time sinks for the reputation grind missions... What is the purpose of that time sink exactly? If you (Cryptic) are worried that people will get reputation too fast then you could at least have used your brains (or better yet: simply copied WOW) and give players the option to grind a maximum of, say, 15'000 reputation per week and faction (but without boring, pointless time sinks).

It's like they are trying to force people to play the game over the period of a few months (like many developers do in subscription-based games because that's how they earn their money) but in STO it would be far better to simply allow people to blast through the game as fast as possible, buy their iWin buttons and then quit.

I have no idea why ANYONE in their right mind would design a pay2win game without a subscription and then attempt to force people to spread out their "enjoyment" of the game over a few months instead of simply being able to blast through it in a few days (like a normal single player game). Because let's be honest: there is simply not enough content to keep a normal gamer entertained for more then a few days.

Isn't that exactly the intended purpose of a front-loaded payment system like STO has? So the developers don't actually have to provide any long-term goals because they don't have to care if people quit quickly, as long as they spent some cash on the store?

Anyway... The thought that I have to grind the same 5 boring STF for the badges and then waste my time by logging in every 20h for the next few months makes me puke. I'm never gonna do that. The game just isn't worth that sort of effort.

Just look at how the loot and reputation system works in WOW. Sure, that's not great either but compared to this utter fail system it wins hands down and makes STO seem like a cheap student project by comparison.

So in conclusion: If you want to keep me hooked to STO long enough so I might actually consider dropping any money on your (horrendously overpriced) store then remove all time sinks and accept that this is not a game that offers any long-term motivation. Better to remove all gating and time sinks and milk the customers more quickly. You'll earn more money and the players will not have to grind (and then, once they're bored they'll move on to other games but you don't have to care because you already got their cash).

This system makes no sense for a cash-shop-driven game. You don't want to keep people here, do you? You want them in McDonalds mode: come in, buy burgers, eat, leave.

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