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Hmm, I'm not sure. I've been a gold member the entire time. I remember when the F2P first came out, you had to reach level 10 before you could post, but with the new forums, that went away.

When these forums came out, I used a PWE account to post without linking it to my Cryptic account and was able to make new threads right away, but maybe that's changed since then.

According to the Features Matrix forum access is supposed to be unlimited for silver members, but they might have added some sort of time delay now. You can always try to make new threads, and if you can't, I guess you just have to wait.
@perk13 & Everyone considering SWTOR

My experience with SWTOR is being told there were going to be restrictions and that they can be removed by purchasing "Unlocks". However it turns out not all of the promised "Unlocks" in question were available(Fleet Access for example). Also it was possible to have a payment declined, even when using their gift card. If you do manage to get the store credits, it's possible that the unlock may disappear from the account. Also only paid up subscribers may post in the forums, which in most free 2 play mmo's is really the only course of support.. The only support you get for free 2 play is access to the knowledge-base, which is useless when account unlocks start disappearing, or you can't pay to fund your account.

Question:Since I can't post anywhere yet, I guess posting it here would be ok. Apologies if this isn't the right place. I am running a Volcan Engineer and would like advice on where to put the first 10 levels of skill points. I currently am piloting my starter ship. I am trying to work on a team oriented Fabrication build.


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