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01-07-2013, 06:25 AM
Interesting reading. There's still an assumption in there. It states that ships will be running the highest defense possible, but doesn't mention that you can never overcome that with [acc]. You just can't. You can improve your chances sure. So your autofire might hit a bit more and proc some cool defensese for your target. Not a great outcome.

In PvP you can use abilities to lower your targets defense to zero. Keep that number in mind. You can decrease your targets defense from 180 to zero. What do you think, as a guess, would cause the greatest change in your ships Acc vs Def calculation? Adding ten to your Acc value, or decreasing your targets Def value to zero? So no matter what textbook percentage increase you get from acc, that increase has no practical value outside of PERHAPS PvE.

And we all pretty much agree on PvE. And you can still wreck what little defense those npcs have.

If you honestly aren't sure of the value of that tactic in PvP or how it is accomplished just ask.

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