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Originally Posted by lindaleff View Post
So basically, the Adapted Set is for those of us who actually like having something akin to a sniper rifle. I know plenty of times where distance is the best defence. Cure Ground readily comes to mind, but also Khitomer Accord Ground up to a certain point.
Yeah, well, if you need a long range weapon, just have your secondary be a split beam like me. The 2-piece set bonus for KHG is WAY better than the M.A.C.O. one. I cannot overstate that.

Originally Posted by ashkrik23 View Post
Can definitely tell Quv has much nicer designs on the armor plating. Grats again 1st . Zira will be there one day hehe.
Thank you, and I'm looking forward to it. You still haven't realized how overrated Caitians are, but someday you will see the light.
I am retired from STO. By the way, hindsight is 20/20.
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