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Okay, so I'm just waiting to unlock the Mk XII weapons for the Romulan reputation system and I'm wondering what people currently think about the Mk XII weapon landscape.

My fleet now has advanced weapons, which seems enticing but although they have three bonuses on them, they're really all [Dmg]x3 weapons with a single bonus, which strikes me as strange. Don't get me wrong, [Dmg]x3 is interesting, but it means I can only get the single +2% critical chance or accuracy, whereas personally I'd prefer [CrtH]x2. Is the increased damage really worth it, or do people prefer something else?

Since I'm aiming for the Romulan Singularity Harness I'm focusing on Plasma energy weapons, since the harness 2-set bonus gives +7.6% damage bonus. Their Mk XII weapons seem intriguing as they're basically plasma weapons with both the DoT effect and the disruptor debuff to damage resistance. Though of course these only offer two bonuses in addition to the damage debuff, but it would mean I could still get [CrtH]x2 if I wanted. The downside of course being that they cost twice as much dilithium since they're not subsidised by Romulan Marks in any way.

So I'm curious to know what people think are better; fleet advanced mk xii plasma weapons, or romulan mk xii unlockables? Or is it better to just grind energy credits and hurl them at the exchange?

As a side note though, do the romulan plasma weapons look any different when firing to regular plasma weapons? My main gripe with plasma is that the dual heavy cannons look very weedy compared to other dual heavy cannon shots, and aren't that distinguishable from regular cannon/turret fire, visually of course.

Oh, I should mention I only play PvE, so I'm not too worried about PvP performance.

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