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Originally Posted by LordDave View Post
Honestly? Not much actual "skill" a tactical officer has in space. He presses a button to lock onto a ship, presses another to fire a weapon. You can't really build from there. Maybe "expert timing" which allows him to fire the weapons at just the right time to hit a system and do the most damage, but that's about it.
How about a maneuver, or a reconfiguration of a torpedo spread matrix, or a deflector dish trick, or faster recharge time for torpedoes. or better accuracy or hit rate. better cloak detect or sensor skills. weakness spotting. enhanced knowledge of weaknesses in certain vessels, I could go on and on and on

Something that a skilled tactical officer would give to the ship as apposed to an ok tactical officer.

This is a Sci-Fi, not a fantasy. Things have to make sence and follow realistic laws. Why a skilled tactical officer adds a torpedo is unexplained. If they can explain this I can except it.

But in star trek the unbelievable is made believable through a sci-fi explanation. There are plenty of bonus's that make sence that they could use. Why they would choose something that makes no sence at all is beyond me given the huge amount of logical bonus's available with a simple brainstorm given the guideline to make it realistic in a sci-fi setting as strict as star treks. Everything at least is based in theory.