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01-07-2013, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by simeion1 View Post
You want to talk about being fair. How about how players can spec into resisting science abilities like stasis field. Which is suppose to hold for 6 sec, depends on how you are speced. I want to be able to spec into energy weapons resistance., that way ambush and other heavy damage dealing abilities have no effect. If people are going to be able to make skills and abilities useless why not make them all useless to level the playing field. There is No way to resist the one shot, but holds, slows,and stuns can be. I say take the willpower skill out of the game, and make all abilities work against everyone.
I like the idea of being resistant to both better than being vulnerable to both. One-shot kills are unfun, but so is being controlled until you die. The solution isn't to add more things that are no fun.