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01-07-2013, 09:14 AM
It's not a cruiser, it's escort, just saying...

Build I use is simply:

4 Pol Dis DHC Crthx2
4 Pol Dis Tur Crthx2

Retro Deflector
Retro Engine
Elite Resi Shield

Neutro, Borg, Tachyo
Field Gen, Leech, Aceton
Dis x4

Doffs: BFI x3, Gw x1, Tbr x1.

tt1 csw1 apo1+3
tt1 csw1
he1 tbr1 gw1
epts1 rsp1

works finely if I hapen to use the ship but I rather use any other ship since the ship is kinda crap.
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