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01-07-2013, 10:35 AM
Minis Torp Energy Combo is interesting... and it can be fun to fly... but it is also the most likely build combo to get you killed...wouldn't suggest it for a newer player for sure. Its more something to tinker with when you get bored.

Dank is right energy on a brel works very well... the brel is the only ship in the game with a proper cloak... you can heal as you cloak meaning you are much less likely to blow up. However he (if I am not mistaken) goes full energy. IMO anyway the brel works best one way or the other... full energy of full kinetic. I have way to many toons... I have Tac and Sci brel torp boats... and a tac brel energy build on another tac. They are all fun.... when I have been bored I have flow with a setup more like Minis... fun but decloaking with so many Burst weapons makes for lots of issues surviving if your first run doesn't end someone.
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