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# 1 Need, Greed, Pass ??
01-07-2013, 10:21 AM
Been doing multiple PvE missions such as starbase 24 etc. At times when we blow up a klingon ship a reward is offered .. weapons, shields, console etc.

I have tried a few times just picking greed and usually end up with one item or none. Doing the need option I have had a bit better success as I believe other players are passing on the item. I have passed a few times so as to not look too greedy. My question is what is the mechanic used to determine who gets what? ie. three players pick greed on shield system and later same three players pick need on console.

I am still building up a bank of EC and either sell or post the nice stuff in the exchange, knowing a little about how the mechanic works I think will help me have chance at the nice piece of equipment while not being greedy.

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