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Duty officers don't rank up. If you want better ones you have to spend a lot of dilithium exchanging five for a single random replacement of a higher level.
Actually there are several options:

Using duty officer missions to get more duty officers:
  1. Refugees can be used for Asylum missions with a chance to become higher quality.
  2. Prisoners can be used for prisoner exchange missions with a change to become higher quality
  3. You can occasionally get a mission called "investigate defection" where you can get high quality officers of different enemy races for free
  4. The colony chains give you a blue duty officer automatically when you finish the 7th mission
  5. The colony chains unlock the ability to get refugees and prisoners by a repeatable mission and if you crit you get a purple officer, you can crit many times and get lots of copies.
  6. The caitian diaspora chain gives a purple officer if you crit the repeatable mission it unlocks, again you can do this multiple times
  7. The holodeck play mission can unlock hologram officers of green blue and purple quality and can be repeated to get many officers

Free Duty Officers
  1. As you rank up a specific duty officer skill category (diplomacy, trade, etc) you get free higher quality officers from the academy. Some of these give you double (for example engineering, medical and military) because you get the one free one and you get the ability to activate a hologram. With 11 categories you eventually get 3 white, 25 green, 14 blue and 14 purple quality duty officers all but the holograms are free and the holograms only cost a small amount of energy credits.
  2. The recruiting missions at the academy have a small chance to crit, when they do you get a higher quality candidate, I have gotten both green and blue I do not know if you can get purple or not. These mostly give you only white officers though.

Buying Duty Officers with Energy Credits
  1. You can buy and sell officers on the auction house. Prices range from 1,500 credits to many milllions depending on quality and abilities. Personally I buy a lot of refugees, they only cost 50k to 90k and I can easily and quickly turn them into greens and blues that I can resell (often for over 100k) or use for myself.
  2. Additionally many duty officer packs that originally were bought with dilithium or zen are not bound and can be resold on the auctionhouse. these give between 4 and 7 officers with a chance for 1 or more to be higher quality (green, blue or purple). Price seems to range from 100k to over a milion credits depending on faction (fed vs klingon) and the specific pack.

Buying Duty Officers with Fleet Credits
  1. If you are in a fleet that has ranked up its starbase you can buy duty officers using fleet credits. You can get totally random officers of a specific quality (white, green, blue, purple) or officers within a specific specialty (tactical, engineering, science) for a bit higher price.

So there's at least a dozen ways to get higher quality duty officers without spending dilithium.

Also the white to green conversion is only 500 dil, which is not a lot. In fact you get 480dil from doing the daily lore mission right in the same room.