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01-07-2013, 01:35 PM
You're really all over the map in terms of weapons and boff abilities. Generally speaking, if you're using DHCs, you should have turrets in the back. If you have the turn rate to keep DHCs on target, then you want turrets, as they provide 360 degrees of firing arc. That means more forward facing DPS. You're losing out a ton with the launcher and the beam array.

I would go with:
2x Aux Phaser DHCs, 1x Quantum torp
2x Phaser Turrets [ACC], and a cutting beam, or 3 turrets

The cutting beam might be preferable, since it's kinetic damage, and has 360 degree arcs. Once you dedicate yourself to an all beam or all cannon build, then you can start adding in boff abilities. I would take a look at torp spread, high yield, scatter volley and rapid fire. Scatter volley and torp spread are good for engaging multiple targets at once, which rapid fire and high yield are great for one on one. Which set you should go with will depend on what role you're playing.

Your consoles are also all over. I would dump the torp console, and add in another phaser console. You have more phaser weapons, so more consoles for that energy type give you a greater return on investment. For engineering, I would run 2x Neutronium. Monotanium isn't bad, but it only protects against kinetic. Two Neutroniums won't give as much damage, but it'll cover more damage overall. For your science, get a couple field gens. They'll really help, especially since you should have some shield healing boff abilities. As for the last two slots, I would throw in whatever will help the high end sci abilities you have. IE, particle generator, graviton, etc.

Finally, dump the advanced peregrines. Check out some elite hangers, or better yet, if you have Romulan T5, get the ultra-rare scorpion fighters. They come with HY1, and are awesome. Your aux power should be high in a sci vessel, so you should be able to just spam and forget them.

I can't really comment on your engines, shield, and deflector choices, as I'm not sure how they relate to your build. Generally, look for stuff that boosts whatever role you're going for. I will say the fleet stores have some really nice gear, though you'll lose out on the three piece bonuses. Hope this helps.