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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
To the best of my knowledge skills do not have a diminishing return effect so it should be easy to extrapolate all the math if you want to.

Be alot faster than testing something every 10 minutes or so.

0 skill, 0 aux modifier
Rank 1: 5
Rank 2: 7

So base duration is 5 seconds, +2 seconds per rank.

84 skill gives 7.1 duration. So that means it is a .5 skill modifier.

Viral Matrix Formula

3 + (rank * 2) = base
(skill value * .5) /100 = skill multiplier

base * skill multiplier = duration (remember to add a '1' to the skill mod)

So Viral Matrix 3 with 225 skill would be
3 + 6 = 9
2.25 * .5 = 1.125
9 * 2.125 = 19.1 duration like you got.

Special Notes
- Skill mods are typically .5, .25, or .33
- Aux modifier multiplies just like skill modifier when applicable and varies in strength
- 99 skill is really 99.9 from putting in 9 points

This math lesson has been brought to you by me being tired. Oh and the vast majority of heal abilities use a .5 skill modifier.
Thanks, and sorry for the late reply. I've been sick and didn't want to do any math.

Part of the testing is to make sure it's what it's supposed to be, which it seems it is. I've noticed some seemingly odd things in the past, so was attempting to make sure things felt right. This is particular of things outside the Boff tree, but still effected by Captain skill points.

I do have some questions:

Constant + (Rank*RankModifier) = Base

Just curious if the base is given for a rank why figure this out?

Also, "84 skill gives 7.1 duration. So that means it is a .5 skill modifier."

Tbh, I don't follow this @ all. 0.025 is what I get if divide 2.1 (the difference between the base and 7.1 points) by 84 points. Even multiplying by 100 doesn't give the .5 modifier. I'd have to multiply it by 200, not sure why.