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First off, drop the fore and aft torps, you want 3xAux DHC in the front, and your rear weapons need to be turrets, the Cutting Beam, and maybe one beam array (for Target Subsystems) or mine. Remember, defense doesn't matter for PvE, keeping your weapons on target does, so pick a spot and sit there, maybe going at 1 click of speed forward and back, which leaves rear weapons useless unless they can fire forward. Then pick up a Jem or other Resilient shield, going covariant on a sci ship isn't a great choice, and especially not Paratrinic, which is covariant but even more so. Forget the armor, it just doesn't help significantly with so little hull strength, that'll give you room for some sci consoles like a Field Generator or Particle Generator.

For abilities, it looks like you've made all the universals Tac and are running no heals in Sci slots and only a single EPtS. Even being generous and assuming you have CSV1 in the Lt. Tac slot you didn't account for, I'm not at all surprised that you're unimpressed. First thing, make the Ens. Uni Eng, and put an EPtS1 there, 2 copies of EPtS are huge. Drop the ET2 and get A2SIF1 instead, with max Aux that's very powerful and has a shorter cooldown than ET and won't interfere with anything else. Drop the Tractor2 for HE2 and the PH1 for TSS1 (with the above tactics you obviously don't need PH), and put TT1 and CSV1 on your Lt. Tac. Now the question is how wedded you are to that LtC. Tac. If you really want it you can do TT1, CSV1, APB2 on it, that's the best use of it I can see. If not, use it for Sci, get another HE and then take your pick of ST, TSS, PSW, CPB, and even Siphon, VM, and Tractor Beam.

My current build uses those principles, and gets 4.2-4.8k DPS over an STF, while rarely dying, and seldom without taking a hit in excess of 20k. It's here, with equipment in Notes:

EDIT: Forgot to mention, don't worry about watching your fighters, just spam them as they come off CD, they'll almost certainly be dead. And for power levels make sure your Aux is near max, then dump the rest into Shields, Weapons should be set to 25 because that's not where your damage is coming from, and Engines usually isn't that important. You could keep a setting with minimum Shields and high Engines just in case you find yourself in a high mobility role, maybe covering multiple lanes in KASE or CSE.

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