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The UN doesn't operate it's own fleet of trans-national ships, with it's own loyalties and command structure independent of its member states' standing militaries. Bad analogy.
Not a perfect analogy, but then, there aren't any perfect ones. Just think of Starfleet as a specialized national military which automatically gains overall command in joint operations (maybe more like NATO than the UN).

Anyway, politically, it makes no sense for the Federation to maintain a standing army. It would have undermined their foreign policy; and in minds of the other major powers, confirmed every paranoid suspicion they had about the Feds.

Standard starship security complements have been shown to be sufficient for minor actions, and if we assume that the member states can see to their own ground defence (and we'd be stupid not to), that really only leaves invasion as the role for a 'Marine Corps'. Starfleet absolutely cannot maintain an invasion force without destroying the Federation's credibility.

Mobilizing national infantries in time of war allows the capability of fighting a ground war without the implied threat; which is why it makes the most sense as the Federation's MO.
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