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I had a MACO Mk XI set prior to S7, but none of the Mk XII (ground) pieces. Upon reaching T5 in the Rep system I quickly upgraded to the Mk XII set. Having also pre-S7 completed my MACO Commando and MACO Elite Commando accolades this unlocked two costume Projects for "MACO Armor - Style 2" and "MACO Armor - Style 3". I'm guessing the Mk XI would have given me Style 1 (had I not already had it pre-S7). While Command is Style 2, and Elite Commando Style 3...

I have Omega Force Mk XI (pre S7), I'm working on the Mk XII set now.

Originally Posted by hatepwe View Post
I'm curious about the rationale behind this design decision. It kinda seems like double dipping to me.

We pay to have access to it AND we have to pay to have access to it though about a quarter of the cost of the first round of access...
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...Wow, there's a project for everything, vive la grind!
To HatePEW and MikeWard1701, in the past, thanks to RNG, it was possible to get the uber Mk XII sets in as little as 3 runs, but might also not have been acquired after 300 runs. Sure, once you got the drops, you got the gear, accolade(s), and costume(s) all together.

Now it is locked behind five-tiers worth of STF runs (to get the Omega Marks) and inputs gathering (hypos, commodities, regenerators, etc.), and multiple projects for each piece of gear, with the costumes separate. Yup it's a grind either way. Only now they are simply quantifying the "value" of what you get based on what they expected the average character would have had to do when running the old random method. Difference being is now it's guaranteed after X grind.

Personally, I don't mind. I like that I now can get the Mk XII gear. After getting my Mk XI stuff pre-S7, I stopped trying. I didn't want to have to grind CGE over-and-over-and-over prayng for that random magic drop for the Mk XII piece. Give me definitive results over RNG anyday.

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