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Originally Posted by trellabor View Post
Unfortunately, this still applies under the new system.
Yes, but now he won't get immediately rewarded for it. He will have to sit and do nothing for a lot of games. For all that, I might as well play and get the non-Need/Greed loot and lend a hand. Under the old system, one could do nothing and get lucky. Now, one would have to do nothing alot of times, and that gets boring to the point where you might as well try to kill something. And at least you have to do other things if you want to quickly put resources into the Rep projects.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
What in the hell are you even talking about? Pay for what? I spent about 35 or so hours of in game time to acquire my T5 rep and that's it. I made the marks and dilithium to pay for a big chunk of gear in the process. That is a significantly smaller investment than any other MMO I've ever played. It didn't cost me a damn dollar either.
I think he means the resources needed. We can all agree that the prices either border on or exceed the outrageous level, even if dilithium and consumables are easy to come across. It still is alot and does require grind.
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