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01-07-2013, 01:45 PM
If you see someone that is intentionally afk, then it is open season to have fun with them. Leave, have a cube follow you to the afker, wait 20 minutes, etc. As long as there are lazy people that want rewards, then there will be afkers.

Most effective method would be to have the game itself punish afkers. I played City of Heroes and their Incarnate Raids had a mechanism where if not enough useful activity is done (damaging npcs, healing allies), then they get the consolation prize. Just damaging the gateway in ISE would not be useful activity since its just one target. Sucks if your game crashed or disconnected, but worth the cost of reducing afkers. So instead of getting 60+ Omega Marks, then they would get 5. I doubt many afkers would afk through 12 or more elite STFs to get the same amount that they would get through one elite STF if they played normally.