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01-07-2013, 02:13 PM
really if I am using DHC's I should be using turrets ??? and thereby giving away one advantage the ship has ?

I roll my eyes every time I see someone preaching turrets for a science ship. Cannons combined with turrets are GREAT for a tactical officer but not so much for a Science Officer.

I run my build for the vestas in ESTF's and PVP and I have NEVER strapped a turret to it why would I want to give up FREE subsystem targeting.... my build uses 3 Aux DHC's forward and 2 beam arrays and a mine launcher aft... and not a single gimmick console that did not come with the Vesta 3-pack and it works just fine... alternately I have been experimenting with a Romulan Refit of my Vesta which shows great promise....

remember its about what you are specced to do, not what gimmicks you can pack on the ship...
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