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01-07-2013, 02:39 PM
Hi Latinum Bar and crew!

Firstly thanks for your post on the thread I made regarding my need for a new fleet.
I've had several great offers and checked out a few different fleets websites and threads, and it seems that your fine fleet might be the best fit for me.

In fact, I'm a little humbled to be honest, and I hope I am of the quality required to join what looks like such a good fleet.

My current fleet is entirely non social (hence one of my reasons for departure) but as this is my first ever 'mmorpg' style game, there are some areas of the game I have little or very little knowledge on (fleets among the main!). I'm looking for a slow ease in - at the moment I am a 'Silent donator' and I am not the most social person online (Offline is a different matter!), so for the first few months - save for donating and the odd cure found space elite i'd want to ease in fairly gently (unless someone wishes to donate time and patience to teaching me the art of the ground stf, at which I am useless). Also I went to a northern english comprehensive, so I may need some, ahem, clarification on your policy for sweary word usage

So if you are still happy to accept me please, contact me in game - esco@andy1884 and I'll leave to jouin up as your newest Ensign at the drop of a hat.

Thanks again and hopefully see you in game soon