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Originally Posted by dareau View Post
Before we go off ranting on sets:

Remember, someone over at Cryptic has it in their head that STO is an MMO that theoretically should be played in groups with actual live players, and all the fun/grief that this entails... Something you wouldn't necessarily think from playing all the levelling missions...

Thusly, the sets that come from "grouped" content - Omega marks are nigh-impossible to earn "solo", the only place I can think of that gives solo Omega marks is if you repeatedly grind the Defera easies - gives the "best" sets of the game.

Rommie marks come from primarily solo content - Vault, Tholian Alert, Azure Nebula, Mine Trap are the only places (off the top of my head) that require grouped play, everything else can be tackled solo - Space exploration daily, ground explorations, heck, even Epohh tagging can be soloed.

Thusly, the Rommie sets are on a par with JH - Aegis - Breen, all of which come from solo mission (crafting) play, and the "STF"/Omega gear is still the premier torchbearer, a sign that you either power-ground for weeks on end on Defera or put up with your cohorts long enough to earn the stuff...

Personally, the one ground-breaking feature that Omega gear has over the rest is the speed-limit breaking feature from MACO/Borg engines - I ran a handful of normal STFs on my KDF Sci in Aegis and haven't felt a killer pinch, and early tests of the JH set on my Fed Engie's Breen ship has indicated that it'll survive quite nicely for a bit till I grind up enough rep for him to score a set of MACO Mk Xs, if I even bother to nab them, as the polaron bonus of JH helps his offense quite a bit...
My only beef with the above train of thought is that since Romulan sets are on the same level as the Breen and JH sets, they should cost the same as well. Now, the wiki doesn't have the info, and I'm not up to that REP level, but I believe that you still have to pay dilithium for this. Dilithium is what you pay for end game gear, like the Omega/STF sets. It should not be both ways. It should either be a free/mostly free grind for an okay not-quite end game set, or it should be like the STF sets, you have to pay dilithium, but tis the same level as the STFs sets themselves. At the most, it should cost what the Aegis does to craft, 45,360 dilithium during crafting time for the set. Again, I haven't gotten to that level in the rep system, so I don't know to costs.
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