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01-07-2013, 03:36 PM
I like the idea of mini games at Risa, but I dont think it should be done in any sort of conspiracy or story esque way. Instead, I think it would better to just have players take leave at Risa, where they could do various mini games for relaxation.

As far as the Klingons go, it seems like the mini games could be designed to double down as Federation vacation games and Klingon training games. For example, OP's suggestion of rock climbing could work like this. Water games might be able to be done with two different skin sets, so that Risa seems nice and relaxed, ie kayaking, and the Klingons could be riding some sort of dangerous animal or some other similar thing.

So long as there is an OK balance between content, I dont think it would be necessary for the Klingons to get exact copies of all the activities as well. The Klingons could get some unique mini games of there own, though obviously this is overall less efficient use of developers time.

Another idea is that the more aggressive mini game activities could be placed on Andora, and the Klingon training area, and the more relaxed ones could be placed on Risa and the Klingon area.

Another idea to get more people to hang out at Risa is to have random drops of goodies appear in hidden areas. It would be pretty awesome if, for instance, you could go "swimming" at Risa and discover some dilithium treasure or some unique type of thing. I am not sure if this could feasibly be programmed though. Also, you could have mini diplomacy missions, where you can encounter randomly placed NPC vacationers who you strike up a conversation with and then do something positive for.