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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I investigated this bug report personally and found no data to support it being possible. Our data structure doesn't allow one project to grant the reward for a different one, and all of the appropriate rewards are properly in place for these projects, and have been since the launch of Season 7.

The only conclusion I can draw is that the incorrect project was chosen, and the spelling difference between "Romulan" and "Reman" wasn't recognized at any point along the way.
I did the Romulan Shield one running at the same time and I am pretty darn sure with the amount of romulan marks I put into it I would have noticed it being reman but I could be mistaken. They do look very very similar on the project window too and I thought the shield one would give me a reman one too but the problem I had like this with DS9 vendor last year where this happened but I do except those are two very different systems but this sort of thing has happened before. The main gripe I have though if I was wrong or right the vast amount of missions either solo or grouped/que plus its 4 days worth of dilithium refining of the maximum amount per day plus those 750 romulan marks that there should be a way to get the item I was intending to get. Anyways these other posts about it looking similar and not disagreeing that I could have made a mistake that it should be made be more clear to whoever is wanting to get the item. On another note though all the dissatisfaction with the set which I don't see any and kind of funny I'm the only one who really has said anything positive about it and might be only person even trying to get it LOL.

Anyways thanks for your time atleast

Edit: About to do 3rd part I was doing with the set which I have confirmed is Romulan Deflector anyways if that one does as states is pretty much evidence that I just misread but does look so similar anyone needing to be asleep instead of playing STO could have made the same mistake LOL (One thing that would really help other than making them look a lot different to stop this from happening again is putting in a project log like doff missions do so I can see if it really my fault or not which the time to put one in would save a lot of time on stuff that might or cannot be duplicated .

Edit #2: Okay yeah I must have fowled up because now I have Romulan XII Deflector and Shield and a Reman Engine Blah...

Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
My only beef with the above train of thought is that since Romulan sets are on the same level as the Breen and JH sets, they should cost the same as well. Now, the wiki doesn't have the info, and I'm not up to that REP level, but I believe that you still have to pay dilithium for this. Dilithium is what you pay for end game gear, like the Omega/STF sets. It should not be both ways. It should either be a free/mostly free grind for an okay not-quite end game set, or it should be like the STF sets, you have to pay dilithium, but tis the same level as the STFs sets themselves. At the most, it should cost what the Aegis does to craft, 45,360 dilithium during crafting time for the set. Again, I haven't gotten to that level in the rep system, so I don't know to costs.
32K Dilithium/4 days refinement cap for non LTS... Yeah Its worth it but at the point in my posts were and what everyone was saying though its too similar and even I could have or did make the mistake of getting hit hard on that with no help with the problem as far as getting what I intended

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