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01-07-2013, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by meurik View Post
For Klingons, they would need their own "flavor" mini-games... Location: Rura Penthe, ofcourse

I do like the sound of this Risa proposal. Doubt it will ever come to existence, but I still like the sound of it. Risa, and Andoria are very nice looking "social zones". But there is no purpose to them at current, so nobody visits those places.

EDIT: I kinda agree with centersolace. Risa may be better suited for a "Summer Event" adventure zone, which -could- be accessable to both Factions. Although Risa is historically a Federation planet, there are times when Klingons have been given shore-leave access to Federation facilities. Most notably, Deep Space K-7 (Trouble with Tribbles), and Deep Space Nine (multiple times).
I think the deeper problem is that visiting Risa is a T5 Marauding perk.


Maybe they could add a Risa and a Rura Penthe at the same time. Feds need to get max Diplomacy to do Rura Penthe rep. Klingons need max Marauding to start Risa rep.

Then of course the remaining problem is making further lopsided rewards for the most heavily rewarded DOff categories while others have none.