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Originally Posted by richardevega View Post
Brandon what do we do with all the tags we have left over ATM I think I have around 120 or winter epohh tags I won't finish researching in time I'm using them to get R marks. Is there going to be a way to research them after event is over???
I made this post in another thread:

Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
The Winter Epohh to Romulan Mark trade-in should be available through the GPL conversion console in Quark's and on Drozana once the event ends, but you won't be able to start new DOFF missions that involve the Winter Epohhs or the Winter Epohh Tags. You should also be able to turn in extra Winter Epohh Tags for GPL now (I believe it is 5 winter tags for 200 GPL) and through the console.

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