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01-07-2013, 06:06 PM
Originally Posted by captainamericax View Post
Hey, at least some of you guys can get on the game. My character is at the Earth Space Dock and when I take 3 steps forward, it crashes.

I can't even check if i'm successfully selling items or work on my Duty Officers, its unplayable.

I don't doubt the Devs know about this and I don't doubt that they will eventually fix it. I do however, doubt that they care since all the blame is going on to the Graphics Cards themselves.

Many people including myself could play STO perfectly fine before Season 7 and now its basically broken for us. You can't blame our systems when the problem arises in a way like that.
Exactly. While it's happening mostly with the Intel HD GPUs, it's also affecting my ATI card and a friend's NVidia card. While not everyone is having problems, there is a large number of us that are.