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01-07-2013, 06:50 PM
You should fire off a EPtS(and possibly a RSP for safe measure) right before they hit and spin your ship so torps have to rip through more than one shield facing. I usually survive without any resist consoles but there are times when she reminds me that I should equip kinetic resists before engaging her, or that I should fire off my lone RSP just in case. I'll usually come out of her torp spread with little damage if I use the RSP, and I'm in a JHAS to boot with it's amazing 1 sci console slot. Granted not all escorts get the turn rate perks of the JHAS but still, you should be able to turn enough for two shield facings to be hit in an escort.

Her torps hurt yes but you can counter their destructive power no problem. It is then a problem if she spreads you again before your abilities are ready and or fully recovered.