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01-07-2013, 07:47 PM
Hi folks, I don't usually browse the forums but this crashing is getting worst. Seems this problem began with the introduction of Season 7 and had gotten progressively worst. I used to crash when returning to a base and always in New Romulus. Prior to Season 7 I had similar problems but it only occurred on DS9. Now it's the whole universe. I'm even crashing in the middle of a mission. I do run an Nvidia Quadro which worked well prior to Season 7 with the exception of DS9. Not sure what to do. I've tried reducing everything in the setup but it doesn't help at all. The funny thing is that I have a cheap laptop with an ATI video and it works fine. I'm just ready to hang it up. oh yeah, now I'm getting those full dumps which sends anywhere from 200mb to 600mb. As if it can't get any worst.