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01-07-2013, 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by bi9t View Post
Its your build not the game.
Its not just the build, but also how the player handles the situation. Player should be actively maneuvering to get in the tail section of donatra's ship. Also when a spread is seen, they should hit TT, epts, aux2sif/RSP, and whatever buff they might have without being greedy and try to 'save' the buffs for later. Brace for impact especially helps. Khitomer space is not exactly a new STF. Its been known for a while that donatra's ship is more than capable or one-shotting player ships caught with their guard down, and not just by the thalaron projector. By the title of the post, it becomes obvious that the player is new to the game.

Now if the devs actually listened to the newbs and nerfed stuff everytime one died and cried OP, i think i would rather go play hello kitty adventures